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The development team have been working flat out over the past few weeks in not only radically redesigning the entire site – a significant departure from the rough and ready Beta v1 site you can see now – (set for roll out by the end of the year) but also in building our Partner Channel feature which is scheduled for testing from November 09.

The premise of the Partner Channel is pretty simple: as a platform, indiconews can help organizations crowd-source relevant content for their news gathering needs, civic reporting, community issues, campaigns, research, event-based coverage etc.

This also means that if you’re a newspaper/news organization our system helps manage the pro/am gap – enabling you to securely generate relevant content for your publications via our Partner Channel features through targeted assignments and tip-offs that our users can respond to in an organized and meaningful way.

Indiconews: bridging the pro/am gap

Indiconews: bridging the pro/am gap

Partner Channels not only give users the opportunity to represent their communities, share their news, post updates on emerging stories, discuss issues relevant to their interest/location, but as a partner, they also give you the tools to bring the content creators into your news gathering process in a relevant, yet empowering way. By embracing this rich resource you will have a deeper understanding of the audience and communities you serve – and in turn the communities will embrace you.

So, we’re looking for innovative organisations, groups, news and media outlets, other websites, higher education establishments, charities, documentary makers etc to test our offering.

We will have a working prototype ready by mid-Nov, but are keen to roll up our sleeves and get in front of potential partners to showcase this resource, answer questions and get you to sign up to test the system for yourselves.

We at indiconews want to be part of a new generation of logical, relevant crowd-sourced collaborative pro/am platforms, and think our Partner Channel development is a step in the right direction.

Regardless, we’re always on the look out to create meaningful collaborations, connections or knowledge-sharing activities with any organisation that, like us, wants to push the civic media envelope, wherever they are in the world.

Please get in touch directly:


Elizabeth Hodgson – indiconews founder


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