a different reporting perspective

Welcome to the first blog post.

For those of you who don’t know about us, we’re a UK-based fledgling global civic media site.

A true bootstrapped start-up (we’re 100% self funded), we’re working hard to engage various sectors, empowering them to participate in the news agenda as contributors, collaborators and news ‘definers’ as opposed to just observers.

When I meet with people to explain, I often use the term 3D news – and by that I don’t mean you don a pair of two-tone glasses and settle in front of your PC for some 50’s-style news reel film.

3D news is this: you not only know the details of the past news (the who, what, when, where’s etc) but also the why’s and what happens next.

Our position always starts from you, the users perspective; you have told us how you want to engage with the site on different levels – be it as reporters, assigners, commentators, eyewitnesses, interviewees or simply readers. We also have created a site where you can engage with news on as targeted or wide scope as you want – be it via following specific reporters, categories or location-based news… or a combination of all three. allows you to not only report but also set assignments and where appropriate, to connect stories together – link assignments with previous articles or interviews (infact our ‘interview me’ service matches expert insight with reporter’s questions), build layers to their story, create depth and help the end-user understand the wider impact.

Organizing this has been tricky and by no means suggest we have created the final product (we are Beta after all).

However, we are trying new approaches and attempting to think out of the box. In fact, sites like ours are like any new fashion, arts or music scene; we arrange tracks in new an interesting ways and see what comes out of the mix. In time perhaps the ‘tracks’ that work might be picked up by you the user and mashed up into something new.

The site is also proof that innovation is alive and kicking.

Site such as ours and other similar start-ups are not waiting to be asked by established media organisations to come up with potential road maps on how to engage the user in the news agenda. We’re getting on with it. Some of us will succeed, some will not – but we hope we will all learn and like true innovators, take a different news perspective. So take a deep breath, and find your voice at


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